Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Avebury Records?
Avebury Records was founded by Kelly Callan—known for her drumming in Wednesday Week, The Mistaken, Lucky and dragsterbarbie. Helping Kelly out is her husband, who is the Webmaster of

What's the point of Avebury Records?
Simply, Avebury Records' goal is to make good music available to what's left of the CD-buying public. After 20 years of performing, now Kelly is nurturing the rock 'n' roll gene pool from outside the band experience.

Why do Avebury Records CDs have lower-than-majors list prices?
We want you to buy the CDs and enjoy them! We hope our low prices encourage you to take a chance with a band you may not already be familiar with. To encourage you further, we have a free download Avebury Sampler available.

How does Avebury Records treat the artists?
Avebury Records artists retain the ownership of their masters (in most cases) and publishing. All contracts are one-offs via a handshake, and we hope every artist goes on to bigger and better things. We do not restrict an artist's career by requiring subsequent labels to buy out a contract from us. If your band wants us to sign a contract, you're interested in working with the wrong label.

Can my band be on Avebury Records?
Maybe. If you have something you think is ready for release, simply point us to a few mp3 files of your music on the Web (if you don't have a page at MySpace, you should). If it works for us and you like our business model, then you may be an Avebury Records artist. We are interested in both current artists and music of historical interest (our Action Now and WarfRat Tales (Unabridged) CDs are examples).

Where does the name Avebury Records come from?
We were inspired by the Early Bronze Age stone circles in the English village of Avebury. One of the stones , the Swindon Stone, is depicted in our logo. Thanks to Will and Andy for introducing us to the stones. By the way, Avebury is pronounced with a long-A, as in "Dave".

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