Andrew • What's It All About?

Track listing:

1. We'll Dream
2. Or, Maybe Not
3. I Can't Be Lonely
4. Where I Want To Be
5. How Do You Go On?
6. Nevermore
7. Round Going Round
8. How It Goes
9. Another Way Of Life
10. How Come It Takes So Long?
11. The Golden State

Produced by Brian Kehew and Andrew Sandoval
Orchestral arrangements by Roger Neill

Recorded at OFR, Rotund Rascal and The Bomb Factory
Mixed at Capitol Records
Mastered by Dan Hersch at Digiprep

Andrew: Vocals, guitar, mellotron, organ, chamberlin, glockenspiel, piano
Ric Menck: Drums, tambourine
David Nolte: Bass

Dave Amels: Organ on We'll Dream and How Come It Takes So Long?
Probyn Gregory: Horns on I Can't Be Lonely and Round Going Round
Kristian Hoffman: Tack piano on Round Going Round
Debbie Shair: Harp on The Golden State
Matt Cooker: Cello
Victoria Lanier, Neil Hammond, Paul Henning and Derrick Chau: Violins
Veronica: Harpsichord on Where I Want To Be
Jim Laspesa and Steve Stanley: Backing vocals on Where I Want To Be

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