Action Now • All Your Dreams...and more

Track listing:

"All Your Dreams"

1. All Your Dreams
2. Then and Now
3. I Want You
4. This One Chance
5. So Much On My Mind
6. When Wednesday Comes
7. Stop Pretending
8. I'm Not Trying To Hurt You
9. See If You Can
10. Every Word I Say
11. Taking Care
12. You Say

"...and more"

From Rodney on the ROQ Vol. 3

13. Try

Live at Madame Wong's West,
December, 1981

14. I Can't Get Over You
15. Stop Pretending
16. Every Word I Say
17. I'm Not Trying To Hurt You
18. Trust In Each Other
19. Betrayed
20. See If You Can
21. Try
22. Anyone But You
23. For Just One Night
24. Looking For A Reason
25. In Our Home
26. Never To Be Forgotten
27. Then and Now

Jim Schuster: lead vocals, guitar
Paula Pierce: lead guitar, vocals (lead vocals on #22)
Mike Lawrence: bass, vocals (lead vocals on #12)
Scott Hillman: drums

Chris Bagarozzi: lead guitar (replacing Paula on #1, 11 and 12)

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