Fallopian • Dammit, Eat Your Pudding

Track listing:

1. Sex With A Tree
2. Catapult
3. George
4. Branden
5. Free Peepshow
6. Silence
7. Princess Stench
8. PotaToe Bug
9. I Love Beans
10. Ferris Wheel
11. Addict!
12. Too Many Fish
13. Great Balls of Fire
14. Crime Fighting Pelican
15. Fallopian
16. My Thoughts On Boogers
17. Check Out My Rash

Produced by Chris Bagarozzi

Recorded at Wetandry Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Audio Pilot: Francis Miranda
Mastered by Dve Schultz at Digiprep, Los Angeles, CA

Fallopian are:
Sarah Laundry: Vocals
Gingaah With Flare: Guitar
Mikki Superb: Bass
Beeny McBean: Drums

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