The Studiofix • Will Change Your Life

Track listing:

1. Pity The Fool
2. Magical Michael
3. Sleeping
4. Time Machine
5. The Latter Years
6. Rock 'n' Roll Sensation
7. 1, 2, 3, 4, Stop
8. Bag Lady
9. Panicking
10. Antidiluvian Love
11. The Bell Jar
12. C'est La Vie
13. Robots

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Love Juice Labs, La Habra, CA
Mixed by: T.J., except Robots, recorded at The Women's Laww Center, Norwalk, CA and mixed by Tyler Sabbag

The Studiofix are:
Paco: Guitar, vocals
Jenna: Bass
Jacqueline: Drums

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