Twinkie • Twinkie

Track listing:

1. Hi Lo Medium
2. Mr. Pierre
3. Mondomingo
4. On The Verge of Moral Collapse
5. To Do Is To Be To Be Is To Do
6. This Is Your Enemy Taking Over The World
7. Crime
8. Our Man D.A.V.E
9. Dick Cave
10. 3743
11. Aardvark Barracuda Columbian
12. Chaff The Queen
13. Guess The Weight of My Wife The Horse
14. TK-1

Produced by Mr. Phill Rodgers

Recorded and mixed at various locations in Derby, Redditch and Norfolk, UK
Mastered at DigiPrep, Hollywood, CA

Debbie: vox/guitar
Moo: vox/bass
Dave: guitar
Elvis: drums

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