WarfRat Tales (Unabridged)

The Last.
The songs: Try To Rise. Anything That's Out There. Brand New Drug.
The players: Joe Nolte: guitar, vocals; Vitus Mataré: keyboards, vocals; Steve Andrews: guitar; John Rosewall: bass; John Frank: drums.

The Rain Parade.
The songs: I Look Around. Look Both Ways. This Can't Be Today.
The players: Matthew Piucci: guitar, vocals; David Roback: guitar, vocals; Will Glenn: keyboards, tambourine; Steven Roback: bass, vocals; Eddie Kalwa: drums; with Brian Norris and Kendra Smith.

The Gun Club.
The songs: Watermelon Man. Fire Of Love.
The players: Jeffrey Lee Pierce: vocals; Ward Dotson: guitar; Rob Ritter: bass; Terry Graham: drums.

Wednesday Week
The songs: Boy You Got Me Good. Anyone Like Me.
The players: Kristi Callan: guitar, vocals; Kelly Callan: drums; Kjehl Johansen: bass; with David Nolte, Steve Andrews and Vitus Mataré.

To Damascus
The songs: Night Surfing. And Leave and Leave Me.
The players: Sylvia Juncosa: guitar, keyboards, vocals; Sleepy Sue Rollins: bass; Randy Santeman: drums.

The Leaving Trains
The songs: Leaving Train. Creeping Coastline of Lights.
The players: James Moreland: vocals, guitar; Manfred Hofer: guitar; Tom Hofer: bass; Loco Caboose: drums.

100 Flowers
The songs: 100 Flowers. From The Fire.
The players: John Talley-Jones: bass, vocals; Kjehl Johansen: guitar; Kevin Barrett: drums; with Vitus Mataré.

The Question?
The songs: Brand New World. Shall Be Love. One More Time.
The players: Tony Rugolo: guitar, vocals; David White: drums; Daniel Saltzman: bass, vocals.

The songs: I'm Like You. Scholastic Aptitude.
The players: John Talley-Jones: bass, vocals; Kjehl Johansen: guitar; Kevin Barrett: drums; with Vitus Mataré.

The songs: Stop The Clock. Automatic Reverse.
The players: Dan 'Nirvesh' Willard: vocals, synthesizer, sax; Kevin Kerns: vocals, guitar; Tom Underhill: bass, vocals; Dale Turkle: drums.

Hector & The Clockwatchers
The songs: Octavia. Mishap at Greebsley's
The players: Eric Kenneth: keyboards, vocals; David Nolte: bass, vocals; Radny: guitar; Slambang: drums.

The Point
The song: Pothead
The players: Mike Alford: drums; Tom Alford: guitar, vocals; Greg Edwards: bass, vocals; Jon Stebbins: guitar, vocals.

The Up & Out
The songs: I'm Learning. Gruelled Again.
The players: Brett Guitierrez: guitar, vocals; Eric Stringer: bass, vocals; Bob Rumph: drums.

Produced by Vitus Mataré.
Recorded at Lyceum Sound, Mar Vista, CA
Mixed at Radio Tokyo with Ethan James
Mastered at DigiPrep, Hollywood, CA, by David Schultz
Artwork: Don Brown
Tape restoration for CD release: David Nolte
Licensed from WarfRat Grammophon

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