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If a Martian landed in your backyard right this moment and demanded that you "Take us to your rock and roll," you would be well-advised to grab one of The Mighty Stars homemade CD-Rs (destined to be a valuable collectors' item) and slip it into the nearest player. Combining the straightforward attitude of the '50s, the melodic sensibilities of the '60s and the raw energy of '70s punk rock, The Mighty Stars (four rough-but-cuddly kids from Bristol, UK) are yet another 21st century savior of rock 'n' roll.

Avebury Records outran the local girls and caught up with The Mighty Stars and demanded that they record an EP for us. Singer Matt, guitarist Ian, bassist Rob and drummer Gary marched into the studio and delivered their debut five-song EP CD—The Mighty Stars Are Go!—now available worldwide on Avebury Records.

1. Small Wonder. 2. Let's Play. 3. Suzanne. 4. Go! 5. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

Check out The Mighty Stars very cool new website with lots of stuff worth checking out.

Reviews of The Mighty Stars Are Go!

Alternative Rock Review: Fresh-faced and straight out of Bristol, The Mighty Stars have no hidden agenda except for playing discharging hugely catchy short bursts of punky energy....their live-wire 5 track EP The Mighty Stars Are Go! is a brief yet memorable documentation of their underground live shows. Sounding not unlike Ash's younger brothers, tracks like Suzanne and Small Wonder are simple garage rock in their structure, timely in the wake of the White Stripes and Datsuns mainstream success. The infectious Go! is so simple it sounds like it was slapped together spontaneously in a sound check between vigorous gigs, and is a refreshing notion. Along with the before mentioned Ash influence, there are shades of Weezer in the vocal delivery and emphasis on the catchy hooks. And in my book, that's no bad comparison especially as The Mighty Stars is a definite British product of their environment, tales of teenagers longing over girls, having fun and even more tales of girls.

Mish Mash: 'Sometimes big things come in small packages, and this 5 song EP from Bristol, England's Mighty Stars is a prime example. This is pure garage punk, with a righteous nod to the mods of the late 60s and early 70s. There is just the right touch of energized pop, keeping the songs catchy and bright while maintaining an air of cool aggression.
They start off the EP with the bouncing Small Wonder, which is simple but smartly done. They jump right into Let's Play in full punk mode, only to go a little softer with the jangling guitars of Suzanne. The group rounds out the disc with the sticky sweet garage pop of Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!, a song that is delivered in a brilliantly sloppy fashion, rambling along with just the right amount of raw power.
This is one awesome EP. As a matter of fact, I would almost be afraid to hear a full-length album from these guys, because they are so suited to the EP/single format. Come to think of it, it would be great to have a stack of 45s from The Mighty Stars---ah to dream, but for now I'll keep spinning the CD."

Daredevil: "This is the best Garage Pop I´ve heard in a while and first of all I have to say that Avebury Records seems to have a good hand for signing fantastic young bands in the Garage genre and after Action Now this will be the next big thing for sure. Ok...there are only five songs on this CD, but it's defnetly worth a closer listen. This is happy music...imagine the Housemartins would go Punk. Great stuff...I listen to this CD every morning and the day can come."

Erasing Clouds: Pump your fist and get to it - The Mighty Stars play rough-and-tumble garage rock colored by punk (The Clash and the Buzzcocks especially). Fast and fun.

South of Mainstream: "The Mighty Stars have chosen a playful, but slightly edgy attitude, which works doubly well for the boys since they are actually lads...The sound is appealing, with fresh British boy-band vocals, which differ from American boy-band vocals, because they are ripe with the angsty appeal of British youth weaned on bands like the Who, the Sex Pistols and so much more. "

Paul M., writing for alternative music webzine SoundsXP, reviewed the Track & Field show with The Loves where Avebury Records' A&R scouts first saw The Mighty Stars: "Their catchy pop with chunky bass and power chords is at its best with Chords-style '80s mod such as opener Let's Play! and spiky Girls! Girls! Girls!"

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